Award winning entertainer Emmett Miller has performed for a variety of audiences from London to Tokyo. Street Magic is his specialty but he is well versed in Close-Up Magic, Mentalism, Hypnosis, Con-Game Demonstrations, and is a seasoned Fire Eater. Also known as “Swin D. Lure,” the Windy City Wizard has brought exciting magical performances to audiences for over thirty years.

Introduced to the art of illusion at age six by his grandfather, an amateur magician, there was an instant attraction to learning the trade. Inspired to follow his passion, Miller gave his first professional performance at age thirteen in Chicago. Since then, his career has only accelerated.

Inspiration is a key factor to helping our passions flourish. Emmett's family and friends have been true inspiration and support in the development of his talents. Fellow Magicians such as Billy Bishop (an early pioneer in the art of illusions) and Andy Dallas (former president of the Society for American Magicians) are some of the talented entertainers that have influenced Miller over the years.

While a true Magician, do not be fooled by the "carnival" appearance. Emmett has a trick or two up his sleeve. Besides his educational background in Psychology Miller was an instructor for the Cox Comb Academy for Performing Arts, teaching courses on magic and showmanship. The rapport with fellow instructors and his excellence in education eventually elevated him to the Dean of Conjuring.

Entertaining children at a birthday, demonstrating products in a trade show or performing for a crowd on the street, the Windy City Wizard can always captivate his target audience!