What Clients and Audience Members are saying about the Windy City Wizard


Thanks for doing such a great job engaging our visitors during this year's 1900 America: A Rockford Chautauqua event weekend. We had many many positive comments from the public and our interpretive staff, regarding your street shows. You did indeed add a great deal to the flavor of our 1900 living history event.

It was a pleasure working with you and I hope you are available for our event next year...

~Mark Herman, Curator of Education, Midway Village & Museum Center

The Windy City Wizard was a smash at our fundraising event this past spring. He performed tirelessly and put as much effort into entertaining and tending to our guests as we did. Several guests commented that his presence was the primary reason they attended. A crowd of people followed him around while he worked the room. We could not have had a better entertainer for our event. It was a pleasure to witness the enthusiasm he exhibits for his craft and his audience.

~Greg Johnson, DePaul University College of Law, Student

Emmett Miller is a joy to work with. We enjoy his wit and wisdom. His performance at Naper Settlement's Civil War Days, All Hallows Eve and Christmas Memories was invaluable and added a magical touch. Emmett is a true professional!

~Maureen Malloy, Education Event Coordinator, Naper Settlement

This past season the Illinois Renaissance Faire was fortunate to have as one of their performers The Windy City Wizard. It was a delight to have Emmett join us. Everyone enjoyed his performances. As I observed his act I noticed how much he engaged the audience in being involved, which I believe is the reason for his success as a magician.

He certainly was an asset to our Faire and we look forward to having Emmett join us again for the 2006 Illinois Renfaire.

~JoMarie Dugan, Executive Director, Illinois Renaissance Faire

As the producer of an annual outdoor Shakespeare Festival here in Elk Grove, I've called upon Emmett twice now in the last few years to provide pre-show entertainment for our audiences. His talent as a magician was flawless, but I expected that. What I loved was how easily he made people relax and laugh. Not only did everyone have a wonderful time, but I'm convinced that Emmett was a prime reason those Festivals that he worked for us were so successful.

~Jim Hirsch, Executive Director, Elk Grove Center for the Performing Arts

I loved your "con-man" act. They should have you in all the schools. And you're right, gambling is the fastest way to lose your money!

~Karen Wright, Audience Member, Naperville, IL

Emmett Miller is a fabulous Person/Master Magician. He genuinely loves people. One can see that as he reacts to the awed look on their faces when his hands are REALLY quicker than the eye! Emmett is an excellent illusionist. He enjoys "working the crowd", children and older who gather, spellbound, in front of him. He pulls the children INTO some of the magic, instructing them to become involved. (I'll bet some have become budding magicians because of that.) Emmett's nimble fingers and continuing flow of talk warn them of the dangers of the shell game and 3 card monte. Naturally, Emmett never shows HOW to do the sleight-of-hand, but may say, "I’ll do it more slowly.. Now watch carefully” My father did magic and passed the love of magic on to me. But I am humbled by Emmett’s presence and assuring delivery of magical distractions. He dresses in proper attire when performing, whether in a school or on a stage somewhere in America or overseas. I liked Emmett the moment I met him. I found he had many artistic talents besides magic. But his magical ability is, fascinating. Emmett has a quick wit and tells enchanting stories when he converses with his audience. It’s fun to listen and watch him "work." To appreciate him and what he can do with magic and people, give him a call. You’ll love him, too. He can do awesome Magic conjuring.

~Professor Willard R. Smith III

Dear Mr. Miller, I want to take a moment & Thank you for your wonderful performance at our Girl Scout Golf event this past April. The kids absolutely loved you!! I was very impressed with the way you tailored your package to meet the needs of our plans & the age differences of our participants. I was very surprised at how reasonable your rates were as well. This was especially appreciated due to our very strict budget. On behalf of Girl Scout Troop 665 Of Lakewood Falls & Creekside Elementary, again we Thank you.

~Laura Jacobs, Brownie Troop 665, Trailways Council, Girl Scout USA

At the 2005 Farmer City Scarecrow and Pumpkin Fest, the crowds were privileged to watch and participate in the performance of the Windy City Wizard. Members of the audience were spellbound to watch some of the most skilled slight-of-hand magic tricks ever witnessed by human eyes. There was also a taste of tradition in his act as he wore the garb of some of the earliest magicians in history. I was pleased to be in the crowd and am not likely to soon forget what I witnessed.

~Molly Glawe, Audience Member, Farmer City