Renaissance Festivals

From carnival street shows to elaborate stage shows, this Magician is versatile in any venue and perfect for all ages! Stage shows offer the audience illusions of a grander scale. Some of the stage illusions include: Levitation, the Hindu Sword Basket, and the Blade Box. Street shows are smaller in scale and offer a wide range of options when it comes to performance location. No need for a stage! The short stimulating performances keep the children amazed, and the comedic wit will keep the adults laughing!

Victorian & Civil War

Step into the past with this vintage magical act! This performance echoes from a time of the classic traveling shows of the 1860's, imitating the classic illusions of Gus Rich, a famed Civil War Magician. Performing as "Swin D. Lure," the Windy City Wizard educates his audience about the trade of a con-man. He will demonstrate card manipulation along with a variety of other con-games, some which are still played today. If demonstrating his talents on a small scale is not enough, then his traveling "Medicine Show" is sure to be deceptively entertaining. This comedic act, praising magic elixirs and wonder tonics, may make you a believer or at least give you some insight into the traveling Kickapoo medicine shows of the 1890's.